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Structure and dyeing machine
The performance of printing and dyeing machinery structure is divided into: the electric push rod is a power driven device, its installation is not the terrain, distance constraints, is the ideal product to replace the hydraulic, pneumatic, not only can save the energy consumption, but also through the microcomputer control, easy to automate, its working principle is the electric machine through a transmission mechanism driven by a reducer, the screw nut, turn the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion, using motor anyway turn complete vertebral pull action, push and pull equal. If through various lever, rocker or a connecting rod mechanism, can complete the rotation, shaking the complex motion.
By changing the lever arm length, booster or increase the stroke; automatic protection function of overload, the push rod is equipped with overload automatic protection device, when the travel of the push rod reaches the limit position or exceed the rated thrust a certain value, the push rod automatic shutdown, to achieve the function of overload protection, the motor and components are not damaged, travel can be based on user needs to adjust, the the device has the advantages of small size, high sensitivity, convenient adjustment, and the push rod into a whole, so that the push rod is more concise and beautiful appearance.
The original knitting Lianpiao and when the color process will consume a large amount of water and energy in batch dyeing machine can complete process, modified to be bleaching process by a calm or cylinder of continuous scouring and bleaching production line completed, developed to fill in blank model removes and tubular knitting fabric continuous scouring and bleaching equipment, mainly including knitted fabric continuous refining bleaching production line, fabric mercerizing machine.

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