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Sanforizing machine

Product description:
This machine is used for moistening and preshrinking fabrics of pure cotton, terylene, hemp and their blends, as well as finish wool carpets, in order to shrink the fabrics to meet the requirements of washing shrinkage, constant size and improvement of hand feel.

  • High reliability: perfect design, imported key components, fine machining, accurate assembly and experienced commissioning engineer ensure the good performance of machine.
  • Advanced technology: good sanforizing ability with 18% preshrink rate, which stabilizes the water shrinkage of finished fabrics around 1%.
  • Easy operation: touch screen type control system, each parameter can be displayed and set on the screen.
  • Mature control technology: the electric part adopts full closed loop, PLC control, multi-unit AC frequency speed control to achieve accurate synchronous control, constant tension, stable shrinkage rate.
  • Fleshy hand-feeling of fabric surface: soft hand-feeling and clear lines of finished products will improve added value of fabrics.
  • Lower labor intensity: the compacting and hoisting of rubber blanket adopt motor-driven operation which will improve the production efficiency.
  • Perfect safeguards: photoelectrical auto protection and manual safety protection devices ensure the safety of operators.


Technical specification:

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