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Product description:
This machine is used for desizing, souring and bleaching the fabrics of cotton, hemp and their blends, so as to enhance the whiteness and capillary effect, thus the quality of fabric can meet the requirement of the subsequent process.

  • Use the building block structure; you can combine the production lines according to the requirement of different products and technologies.
  • Steaming box structure: single(double)layer net belt/roller bed steaming box, single layer composition steaming box, double layer composition steaming box.
  • Stainless steel net belt structure, with high load bearing strength, to make the saturated steam easy to reach, ensures the consistency of the scouring and bleaching and avoids the crosspiece printing.
  • Can pile reaction after pre-heat; can also fabric out directly after tight steaming, no pile.
  • In the pre-heating zone, use a big guide roller, multi-point, grouped frequency conversion drive, so as to ensure less crumples and be suitable for high-density elastic fabrics.
  • Adopt steam seal in the fabric-in process; adopt steam seal or water seal in the fabric-out process, and outside surface with insulation layer in order to preserve heat and save energy.
  • High liquid supply system can make fabrics carry enough liquid, so as to ensure the high-quality scouring.


Technical specification:

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