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The development trend of dyeing and finishing industry
The current trend is to the world of dyeing and finishing ecological concept to the development of new technology and new equipment, combined with process, dyes, auxiliaries and so started to develop multi channels. Such as the use of anhydrous processing technology, no plate making printing technology, low temperature plasma treatment technology, nanotechnology, biological enzyme technology, makes printing and dyeing and finishing process shorter, higher production efficiency, better product performance.
Printing and dyeing machinery manufacturing enterprises only to the new technology to meet the future development. At present, the domestic printing and dyeing equipment compared with foreign printing and dyeing equipment, in shape and basic function of the difference was not significant, the main gap is still reflected on the stability and reliability. Although digital online detection and control technology, computer network technology and other high technology is continuously introduced into manufacturing printing and dyeing equipment, and the degree of automation of the continuous improvement of the domestic printing and dyeing equipment, energy consumption, water consumption decreased gradually, chromatic aberration, skew and shrink three big problem has been gradually improved, but poor stability and leakage problem still exists. This requires enterprises printing and dyeing equipment should pay attention to from the thought, but also from the action take feasible measures to. In addition, is a driving rate problem. Foreign enterprises have attached great importance to a drive ratio, the equipment of a drive ratio is very high, relatively speaking, the domestic equipment in this remains to be further improved.

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