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Engineering machinery export growth factors or key
2010 has imperceptibly over the past two months. Up to now, this year's domestic investment has been basically "stereotypes", the market capacity is basic to a rough estimate, the expert inside course of study gives a is not optimistic forecast data, engineering machinery industry growth this year is likely to remain at 10%.
10% what is the concept, which means that the construction machinery industry not only bid farewell to more than 30% years of continuous growth of the golden age, even faster than 2009 2 percentage point less. However, it has to be pointed out that the change, there is now a very uncertain important factors -- the international market.
Last year the industry has achieved a growth rate of 12%, the domestic market increased 24.7%, the international market is down 44%. The international market although not soon recover, but China Construction machinery export increased month by month have data to make the enterprise dance for joy, there have been many enterprises adjust the strategic objectives, the international market share of weight increase gradually. The current international situation for the industry shows a slow increase development situation.
Mining machinery in power
The economic rebound in the upstream industry fared relatively early also is significant. Including coal, petroleum and natural gas, the black ore, nonferrous mine and the gold mine, the mining industry is the world economy pick up gradually. With the corresponding is of mining machinery growth significantly. Benefit of heavy machinery industry, is the largest automotive and mechanical engineering industries.
For Chinese engineering machinery products, this is really awkward things -- mining machinery products on the product performance requirements of high. But now, even China mines, in large and medium-sized excavators and other large equipment in numerous, rarely see native brand figure, not to mention the overseas market.
Therefore, the field of the demand for the product promotion, the first benefit is in the absolute superiority in the technical aspects of the international giants. But that does not mean China enterprises have no chance. Domestic loaders, bulldozers have a certain amount of use in mining areas, and it is almost Chinese engineering machinery enterprises in this area of rare advantage products. The two categories of products belong to the mature technology type products in the China, can benefit from the enterprise is expected in a few. But these products do not have the price advantage, absolute advantage in number to measure business success or failure.
Railway construction leading foreign projects to promote the
Recently, a work in China Railway Materials Group friends told reporters, the end of last year to now, he already has to follow the leadership went to Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria and other countries. According to his understanding, China has signed several contracts for railway construction in these countries, including several large orders.
He thinks, the third world countries on Railway demand is very large, and will continue for quite a long time. For example, Qatar, had planned to invest 17000000000 euros to build the domestic system of railways, the railway system from Qatar to Bahrain and other neighboring countries, divided into 3 stages, in 15 years after construction.
Based on past experience, Chinese construction enterprises are often in the domestic procurement of equipment with the past. It is China engineering machinery enterprises to provide a avoid competition with most of the foreign enterprises a good opportunity, but it can get the export market the vast. So, the branches of a considerable number of enterprises in Beijing to set up overseas business department, one of its significance lies in for this part of the order.
Not only the railway projects in the rapid growth of foreign capital construction project, the bid winning rate is also on the steady promotion, especially in Asia, the Middle East and other places, Africa. With the development of construction enterprises to go abroad, the engineering machinery enterprises, is still a good choice. In 2009, the construction of infrastructure has become the main cause of pulling, domestic engineering machinery market this year, make the contribution of this factor is expected to grow in the overseas market.
Regional exhibition
Open Market The general manager Chinese engineering machinery complete company Chen Youfeng said, regional exhibition is an important means to develop the market of the enterprise, this is because of the large international exhibition is able to attract professional audience from around the world, but there is no specific targeted; and regional exhibition more locally oriented, professional audience requirements more directly, the enterprise can also according to the market needs to choose the more specific products carry to.
Therefore, in addition to their organization and to assist enterprises to participate in the world construction machinery industry exhibition (three America Las Vegas CONEXPO exhibition, France IN Juan TERMAT exhibition, the German Munich BAUMA exhibition), is also committed to assist enterprises to participate in some of the overseas market focus of the exhibition.
The most popular at present the enterprise welcome than southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the pan Russian area exhibition. Many enterprises have many independent exhibitors and achieved good results. At present, to participate in regional exhibition important becomes one of the important means for enterprise to develop the market and sales promotion.
Last December 1~4 day held in Vietnam, Hu Zhiming city for a period of four days of 2009 Vietnamese third construction machinery exhibition is a good example of. Is composed of 24 Chinese construction machinery enterprise pavilion not only become the biggest country of this exhibition pavilion; enterprises to carry a variety of physical prototypes become a hot product exhibition; wherein the Xugong, Liugong and other enterprises is already successive three exhibitors.
So, Chinese enterprise strong market appeal to Vietnam and even in the whole Southeast Asia and South Asia is revealed without involuntary discharge of urine. But have to point out that the situation is still severe. It is understood that at present, Vietnam construction machinery market share of 50% by Komatsu firmly. How to seek other 50% share, and a step by step growth, it will be a long battle to the enterprises of our country.

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