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China equipment manufacturing industry development status and Prospects
One, at present, the people understanding to the equipment manufacturing industry is not the same, there is no universally accepted definition and scope of consistent definition, economic development research center, international industry Chinese guest researcher Luo Baihui think, according to the equipment function and importance, the equipment manufacturing industry mainly includes three aspects content:
(1) major advanced basic machinery, equipment -- work "that manufacturing equipment, including CNC machine tools" (NC), flexible manufacturing cell (FMC), flexible manufacturing system (FMS), computer integrated manufacturing system (DIMS), industrial robots, large scale integrated circuit and electronic manufacturing equipments.
(2) the basis of machinery, electronic important, mainly hydraulic, gas advanced dynamic, bearing, seal, mold, tool, low-voltage electrical appliances, micro electronics and power electronic devices, instrumentation and automatic control system etc..
(3) the national economic departments (including agriculture, energy, transportation, raw materials, medical and health, environmental protection and so on) complete sets of major technical equipment required for science and technology, military production, such as mineral resources mining and open-pit mining equipment, large-scale thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power equipment of ultra high voltage AC and DC power transmission and distribution complete sets of equipment, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry equipment, ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling equipment, civil aircraft, high-speed railway, subway and urban rail vehicles, cars, ships and other advanced transportation equipment, sewage, garbage and large flue gas purification treatment of large environmental protection equipment, major rivers governance, tunnel mining and shield, large water and gas important complete sets of equipment needed for large engineering, agricultural machinery and modern agriculture equipment is advanced and applicable, the large scientific instruments and medical equipment, advanced large-scale military equipment, communications, air pipe and aerospace equipment, advanced printing equipment and so on.
Two, the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan content
Equipment manufacturing industry is the strategic industry to provide technology and equipment for the various sectors of national economy, a high degree of industrial linkage, strong ability to absorb employment, technology capital intensive, is a concentrated expression of various industries industrial upgrading, technological progress and an important guarantee for the comprehensive national strength. To cope with the international financial crisis, to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council on the overall security growth, expanding domestic demand, adjusting the structure requirements, to ensure the smooth development of the equipment manufacturing industry, speeding up structural adjustment, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve the level of autonomy, promote industrial upgrading, especially the preparation of the planning, equipment manufacturing industry as a comprehensive action plan coping measures. The planning period during 2009-2011.
1, the equipment manufacturing industry present situation and facing the situation of
After years of development, equipment manufacturing industry in our country has formed a complete range, large scale, has a certain level of technology industrial system, has become an important pillar industry of the national economy. Especially the "several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of the equipment manufacturing industry" (Guo Fa [2006] 8) since the implementation of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate significantly, independent of major technical equipment level increased significantly, to further improve the international competitiveness of some products, technical level and market share ranks in the world. Our country has already become equipment manufacturing country, but the industry is big but not strong, the ability of independent innovation is weak, the manufacturing level basis behind, low-level repeat construction, independent innovation products application difficulties and other issues are still outstanding. At the same time, by the international financial crisis, since the second half of 2008, equipment domestic and international market demand rapidly shrinking, China's equipment manufacturing industry continued rapid growth momentum has slowed down the years, difficulties in production and operation, the economic benefit of the enterprise, sustainable development is facing challenges.
Should see, China is now in a critical period of expanding domestic demand, accelerate the upgrading of infrastructure construction and industrial restructuring, has a huge market demand for advanced equipment; the financial crisis has accelerated the world industrial structure adjustment, provide the participation of industrial division again opportunity for our country, the equipment manufacturing industry of hair There is no change in the fundamentals of exhibition. We must take effective measures, seize opportunity, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, promote industrial optimization and upgrading, strengthening technological innovation, promote the equipment manufacturing industry sustained and stable development, makes the contribution for the steady and rapid economic development.

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